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At Cokosofts, we work on integrated cross platform mobile app and web app development in Android / iOS / JSP / PHP in various domains such as custom mobility software, tracking & notification software, utility products, and enterprise e-business solutions. We work on multi device mobility solutions which will revolutionize how you can interact with your multiple devices for business purpose.

Who we are

Cokosofts was incubated at Infopark Kochi - one of the foremost technology parks in India- as part of NRI TBI initiative and is an endeavor by two young entrepreneurs, who have a collective experience of 22 years working in UK, USA and Germany in fields including cross platform mobile applications, information systems, web based app development, business risk management and customer relations.

Why we do

At Cokosofts, our priority is to understand and to provide our customers personalized mobility solutions in terms of language, usage patterns, and inter-operability with their existing software solutions. Our mission is "Help our customers in improving their user experience by providing novel and inter-operable solutions to interact with their smart devices and getting the most productive usage from them".


School management

Complete end to end solution for student data management and parental contact, GPS tracking, and notification.

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Task manager

Keep the overview on how you and your team is progressing through your projects. Task manager is an online system that helps you to track, record and analyze the work done in your organization.

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We take enormous pride in our work, be it our own products or solutions for our clients. Here are examples of some of the work we have done over the years.


Mangalyaan app for Android The first ever app to follow a Mars mission Near real-time updates

NFC Rock Paper Scissors Games

Innovative Rock Paper Scissors game using NFC Over 20,000 downloads from BlackBerry World Approved by the Built for BlackBerry program Featured on the BlackBerry World

TTB UK Pvt Ltd

Website and employee management solution

Zip Code Search

The most popular zip code search app on Android Featured on Play Store


Complete solution including website, admin console and app

OUR TEAM - Values , mission and vision


We as a team abide by two policies - commitment to customer and no compromise on quality. All our team members - be it in business development or in back end development or in GUI designing - strive to follow this policy to the core in all the dealings. We keep in mind the ever fluidic business environment of our customers while developing solutions and follow agile methodologies to undertake a customer feedback centric approach on development. With the diverse expertise of founders and team members in the fields of cross platform mobile applications, information systems and data warehousing, business risk management and customer relations, we are ready to tackle real world business problems and offer our expertise in designing digital solutions for them.

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